About Drupps

Who is Drupps?

A world where water scarcity is a problem of the past is our vision.

Drupps is a Swedish water company developing innovative tools for cost-efficient, fully scalable, production of freshwater from air in any climate.

We are passionate about water, and it is our belief that new solutions are needed in order to mitigate the ongoing water scarcity situation in the world.

Where are we heading? Everywhere. We are open for business globally right now, and we are specifically looking for customers and partners that want to lead by example.

We want to change how people think about the atmosphere as a source of life. We want to help people access its water. Join us!

Jonas Wamstad

CEO - Executive and Sales

Fredrik Edström

COO - Operations and Production

Per Dahlbäck

CTO - Tech Development

Henrik Sund

Business Development - Sales and Complex Deals

Göran Carlson

Business Development - New Markets

Gösta Franzén

Business Development - Partners and Financing

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