About Drupps

Who is Drupps?

Drupps was started in 2017 in Uppsala, Sweden, as a spinoff from Airwatergreen with the aim of alleviating the global water crisis. New technology made it possible to start exploring the atmosphere around us for our daily freshwater.

Why is not everyone doing this? Because old technology and old ways made it too expensive. Drupps developed a flexible system that works in any environment, at a cost cheaper than any available alternative in water-stressed regions. Even water bottles.

Where are we heading? Everywhere. We are open for business globally and our systems are ready for delivery in mid-2018. If you are interested in having a system in 2018, please contact us right now. The word about Drupps is spreading rapidly, but we would love to help you.

We want to change how people think about the atmosphere as a source of life. A world where water scarcity is a problem of the past. That is our vision.