About Drupps

Who is Drupps?

A world where water scarcity is a problem of the past is our vision.

Drupps is a water technology development company based in Uppsala, Sweden. Our mission is to help create a sustainable and healthy society by developing new tools for affordable and accessible freshwater production for all.

We are developing freshwater tools that people can add to their existing freshwater toolbox. We want to help you increase your freshwater security by diversifying your current freshwater sources.

We love to collaborate with partners – marketing partners and sales agencies as well as hardware manufacturers. We’d love to co-op with customers, aid organizations and freshwater financiers.

We believe that the ongoing water crisis will be solved by a combination of better water maintenance, a change of lifestyles and new freshwater sources coming online.

Jonas Wamstad

CEO - Executive and Business Development

Fredrik Edström

COO - Operations and Production

Per Dahlbäck

CTO - Tech Development

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