A Game-Changer in Freshwater Security

What if?

What if you could produce your own perfectly clean freshwater on your own rooftop? Day and night, at a cost no higher than today’s water bills. Would that give you water security?

What if that water was 100% sustainable and left no footprint? Knowing that your water makes no negative impact on the local groundwater levels or ecosystem, would that make you sleep well?

What if everyone had such a system, producing their own freshwater? Less plastic bottles in the oceans, less pressure on local water distribution networks. No more international conflict about water rights.

About Drupps

Drupps is a water technology development company, based in Uppsala, Sweden. We provide complete freshwater security anywhere, at any time. With us, anyone can become a producer of clean, drinkable water.

Drupps provides tools for production of clean freshwater, anywhere, at any time, in any climate, at a cost that is comparable with other artificial freshwater alternatives for drinking, for example desalination or bottled water.

The water is 100% sustainable, meaning it leaves no footprint. Its source, the atmosphere, is immediately replenished by sunlight, wind, and natural evaporation.

Our Offering

Drupps BLUE is a game-changing standalone freshwater production system based on a concept of two modules, one humidity absorber (A) and one water distiller (B).

This creates huge flexibility in adapting to different climate zones or production capacities, simply by modifying the combination ratio of A and B.

We won’t bore you with how it works, just know that it works. We have married well-known technology with new patented highly-efficient humidity-absorbing technology. With a twist.

Give us a call or email at hi@drupps.com. We’d love to talk about how we can help you get sustainable water.