Where can Drupps freshwater makers be used?

These are just a few examples. There are a million more.

City Rooftops

Cities are putting a lot of pressure on its ecosystem.

By installing Drupps BLUE on building rooftops or any available space, citizens and real estate owners can reduce their freshwater demand from the communal freshwater network.

Do not cut your current water supply – just add another.

With localized freshwater production, the need for distribution and transports in the city can be reduced. Resources will be freed, and instead focused on better treatment of waste water in the city.

Off-Grid Camp Sites

To run operations in rural or other off-grid areas involving workforce, you will need freshwater supply.

Install Drupps BLUE on site and supply all workers with their daily freshwater need. No more truck deliveries of water.

Atmospheric freshwater is 100% sustainable and it leaves no footprint. All water taken from the atmosphere is replenished by the sun and the wind.


A warehouse needs freshwater for its visitors and its staff. If the warehouse cannot have access to the municipal freshwater pool, the warehouse needs to supply itself with freshwater.

Install Drupps BLUE on the rooftop or in the parking lot and supply the warehouse with its own freshwater.

Instead of being an ecological burden for the local community, become a contributor.

Relief Missions

Instant supply of clean freshwater is one of the most basic things people need.

By installing Drupps BLUE on site, clean freshwater can be supplied instantly without any truck deliveries, 100% sustainable and with no footprint.

If you are a relief organizations or have other ways of helping out, please contact us. We want to help.

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