Drinking Water for Non-Coastal Markets

Safe and Sustainable Water Production for Inland Markets

Drinking Water from the Atmosphere - Local and Sustainable Water

At 50-100 km distance, capex for distribution exceeds capex for the desalination plant itself. Desalination is not the answer to increased water supply for these markets.

Today, recycling and bottled water are the only large-scale options supplying these markets with clean water.

Drupps targets all inland markets across the world. We supply solutions for water production scalable to any size.

We create opportunities for both private and public entities to set up production of clean, safe and secure drinking water production in places previously unimaginable.

Limited Water Options for Inland Regions

60% of the world population lives farther than 100 km from nearest coast. Some areas are more water stressed than others, but most will be affected sooner or later. These markets have limited options for increasing their water supply.

Massive water production from seawater cannot help inland markets cost-efficiently. They need more local water production. A lot will be coming from recycling, but new solutions are needed.

Drupps offers an attractive alternative for setting up sustainable, cost-efficient and local production of clean drinking water. We let our customers access the atmosphere – a virtually untapped source of water.

The brilliance of using the atmosphere for drinking water is that the water transports itself to the user.