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Drupps Blue

Drupps Blue produces freshwater straight from the sky. In ALL climates, even in dry areas or cold places. New patented technology from Drupps makes this possible.

The overall water price is at $0.02-0.05 per litre, depending on your local electricity cost. Investment and running costs included.

Capacity is limitless. The system is modular-built which means we can add or remove blocks to fit your capacity need and adapt to your specific climate zone. We will design a system just for you – and still keep the low water cost.

Physically, the system is built in standard container shape. It can be shipped anywhere, and it can be mounted as building blocks in narrow spaces. It can be closed and locked-up if necessary. It can be operated from a truck.

For a quick quote, please contact us at hi@drupps.com. Add info about your geographical position, capacity need, the intended installation and who you are, and we will design a proposal for you.