Adaptable and Scalable

A modular product concept

A flexible two-unit system that lets your installation adapt to any location or desired capacity

Features and Benefits

  • Meets any desired capacity
  • Full adaptability to any location or climate
  • Add or remove capacity at any time
  • Choose a system – not a product
  • Can be installed in narrow spaces by building vertically
  • How to Combine

    This chart is indicative of how many A80 modules are needed to supply a 20,000 LPD (B20) unit in a specific climate.

    Example: Your average climate is temperature 30*C, relative humidity RH50%

    Configuration: 8 x A80 are needed to supply 1 x B20 in this climate.

    In order to find the configuration of a 40,000 LPD system in the same climate, simply double the number of A80’s. And so on.

    Comment: The more tropic conditions, the fewer A80’s are needed, because dry air contains less humidity.