Drink Sustainably

Air is a 100% sustainable freshwater source

Freshwater production from air leaves no footprint, and it will never go dry. It immediately replenishes itself with the help of sunlight, wind and evaporation.

By drinking freshwater from the atmosphere, you are helping reduce strain on other freshwater sources, such as groundwater, rivers, lakes and desalination. All of them are ridden with ecological concern.

Groundwater is indeed natural, but it is often over-exploited and is not allowed to replenish. This could lead to a permanent destruction of the local groundwater table.

Rivers and lakes are for sure natural, but often polluted, over-exploited or even dried out. This risks destabilizing the local ecosystem, and animals have no where to go for water.

Desalination is the largest non-natural freshwater source today. As a residual, it creates salt that needs to be deposited somewhere. If thrown back into the ocean, maringe life will be killed. If thrown on-land, fertile soil will be poisoned forever.

And of course,

Water bottles from far away might have been produced sustainably, but the transportation of it consumes energy, creates pollution, greenhouse gases and traffic. And if it came in a plastic bottle, it probably will end up in the ocean.