Freshwater Security

Freshwater security for all

Atmospheric freshwater enables smaller-scale and more localized freshwater production. As long as your community or company has access to air, you will have access to freshwater.

By producing your own freshwater straight from the atmosphere, you are taking long-term control of your freshwater situation. Do not rid yourself of your current freshwater connection – just add another.

Localized freshwater production by communities or companies has many benefits. It lets you decide over your own freshwater supply. It is free from metal pollutants, soil toxins or waste water hormones.

By being a freshwater producer, you are helping your community by easing the strain on its local freshwater sources. This way, natural water sources can rebound faster.

With increased localized production of freshwater, the need for distribution and transports can be reduced. Resources will be freed, and instead focused on better treatment of waste water in your community.