Water Production


Water production

The B-module is where the water is produced. It is connected to the A-modules who feed it with humidity.

The B-module is specifically chosen to deliver a pre-set water production size.

Drupps has a great flexibility in using different B-module types, each embodying a unique Drupps solution.

This flexibility allows the customer to decide the configuration according to its priorities. Please contact us to learn more.

Technical Specifications HP-Series

Drupps WHITE B-module type

B-MODULE B17-HP1000DE B67-HP4000DE
Function Water production Water production
Operating temperature 5*C to 50*C 5*C to 50*C
Operating humidity RH 50-100% RH 50-100%
Water Production Capacity 17.0 m3/24h 67.0 m3/24h
Length 8,000 mm 7,200 mm
Width 2,400 mm 6,000 mm
Height 3,800 mm 5,500 mm
Dry Weight 7,600 kg 20,000 kg
Power 110 kW 418 kW
Electricity connection 3x400V/50Hz 3x400V/50Hz
Cooling agent HFO-1234ze(eco) HFO-1234ze(eco)

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