Who is Drupps?

We want to lead the atmospheric water revolution

Drupps is a Swedish water innovation company providing solutions for industrial-scale water production from ambient air or steam outlets.

We help customers reduce dependence on groundwater and water footprint by offering the possibility to use airborne humidity in a cost-efficient way.

Drupps was created in 2017 as a spinoff from Airwatergreen, an airwater pioneer started in 2009 by Uppsala students Jonas Wamstad and Fredrik Edström.

We believe a sustainable future will include more decentralized modular infrastructure across the board – from water to power, food and waste management.

Our Vision

We envision urban areas in 2040 to be producing their own drinking water straight from the air. This will reduce limits to growth and help them find a sustainable balance with nature. Eco pressure on groundwater, rivers and lakes will be reduced, to the benefit of the entire eco system in the region.

Cities will use available surfaces on rooftops for making clean drinking water. This will, by gravity, be distributed throughout the building free of pumps or electrical equipment.

There will be reduced need for high public investments in piping networks for drinking water below the streets, as responsibility for clean water supply is shared by private actors. Instead, the city will focus on recycling and treatment of used water which will create a cleaner, healthier and more attractive urban environment.

Less energy will be used for pumping around clean drinking water in the city and up into buildings. Less plastic bottles will be wasted as more clean water is produced in the city and distributed via people’s taps. This will reduce traffic and emissions.


Peter Silfwerbrand

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Niclas Andersson

Sales Director
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Jonas Wamstad

Head of Marketing, Founder
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Fredrik Edström

Head of Operations, Founder
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Per Dahlbäck

Head of Tech Development
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Charlotte de Coster

Supply Chain Manager
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Fredrik Mattiasson

Tech Development Software
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Norein Norein

Tech Development Chemistry
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Björn Jacobson

Senior Sales Advisor
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Gösta Franzén

Chairman of the Board
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