Behold the Drupps Concept

Drupps presents “the Drupps Concept” – a new, unique and patented product concept for setting up limitless water production anywhere in the world using only two building blocks.

The Drupps Concept consists of a humidity absorbing unit (A) and an evaporating unit (B), connected by a liquid called FLOW. (A) processes ambient air in massive amounts and disslolves its airborne humidity in FLOW. (B) extracts the humidity from the FLOW and turns it into clean water that is collected. FLOW is returned to (A). The Drupps Concept is a closed system meaning nothing is released from it except dried air and clean water.

One key strength of the Drupps Concept is that it enables energy efficient production of clean water in dry or cold climate conditions regardless of geographical location.

Another key strength of the Drupps Concept is that it recycles already-available cutting-edge evaporation technology developed by other industry giants. Historically, these technologies have been used for desalination or water extraction – the Drupps Concept turns them into airwater producing technologies!

Are you in need of more clean water? Please contact us and tell us how much water you need and where. We will design a tailor-made proposition for you that will enable you to produce as much water as you want at a cost unmatched by competitors.