Christmas greetings from our CEO

Dear Drupps follower,

2018 was a fantastic second year for Drupps after seeing daylight early 2017. We are on a mission to change the water industry at its core.

This year we have focused hard on technology development reaching really tough targets on energy efficiency and working conditions. We wanted to create a simple but brilliant solution for building limitless, adaptive and powerful water production anywhere. The result became known as Drupps Concept, a system based on only two modules in various combinations.

As part of developing our offering we talked with people all over the world. The response has been tremendous. Never before had people heard about low-cost production of water from air outside the tropics! Water carrying itself to you, free of many of the toxic contaminants found in soil, rivers or seawater.

But what about air pollution? Obviously, purity of the drinking water is a major concern for people everywhere. People were relieved to learn that the air is filtered from smog pollutants, dissolved in liquid, boiled and condensed again. Impossible for dirt particles or organisms to get through.

Drupps is currently getting ready for 2019. I am convinced this is the beginning of a global era in which the atmosphere will be playing a major role in solving water for people everywhere. Water was always there right in our faces, but it was hard to reach. Drupps is determined to change this.

In 2019 we will be setting up our first installations on different continents. We will limit the number of installations, but they will be large. We still have a few available slots, so please contact us now if you want in.

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Merry christmas and a happy new 2019 everyone! We’ll see you out there.