Next generation in water from air

Market’s most efficient air water generator

Drupps Concept is the atmospheric water generator aiming to turn the global AWG market upside down. Based on the concept of two modules – humidity absorption and evaporation – combining together to create powerful and flexible atmospheric water generation.

Drupps Concept is 100% customer-oriented and focuses on the customer’s climate conditions. If the climate is dry, more absorbers are employed. If humid, fewer. There is no one-size-fits-all and we always focus on the customer’s actual conditions.

Powerful LiquiDes Sorption Technology

Drupps Concept is based on our patented LiquiDes sorption technology which efficiently absorbs humidity from ambient air and creates distilled and mineralized water. LiquiDes technology  is leading the market hands-down in terms of best operating climate range and energy efficiency.

This is not mere cooling of ambient air or air conditioning. This is sorption technology.

Drupps Concept Models

Different solutions for different customer types - let us guide you
Temperature Range 0-40*C 0-40*C 0-40*C 0-40*C 0-40*C
Relative Humidity Range 50-100% 50-100% 50-100% 15-50% 15-50%
Powered by Electricity Electricity Thermal Thermal Electricity
Electricity Need, kWh/m3 240-310 100-190 50-80 200 900
Thermal Need, kWh/m3 0 0 420 420 0
Smallest Capacity, m3/d 2 20 2 2 2
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Do you need clean water?

Let us design a water production system for you

Our solution is simple – with the use of two modules types, we will design and build a water production installation for you anywhere.

You tell us how much water you need in the questionnaire below – and we will put together a proposal for you including number of building blocks, energy supply need, and a quote estimate.

Sounds simple? That’s because it is! We offer you the opportunity to set up your own water production almost anywhere in the world.

Energy will have to be supplied, yes. But we have several options for that and we are cooperating with many of the great water industry giants on the markets. Run on thermal heat or electricity – you decide!

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