Drupps Concept BLUE

Drupps Concept BLUE is our most energy efficient Drupps Concept model. The key to this is BLUE’s B-module which employs state-of-the-art evaporation technology developed and produced by well-recognized brands in the water industry.

BLUE is 100% electric and developed for large water users with water needs from 20 m3/day and up. Typical customer groups include food and beverage industries and city water works.

With a wide operating range of temperature 0-40 *C and relative humidity of RH 50 – 100%, BLUE is able to operate extremely cost-efficiently all over the world.

BLUE comes with active carbon filtering, UV-sterilization and mineralization to guarantee you clean and safe water to drink.

Drupps Concept BLUE is based on Drupps’ patented LiquiDes sorption technology which efficiently absorbs humidity from ambient air and creates distilled and mineralized water. LiquiDes technology  is leading the market hands-down in terms of best operating climate range and energy efficiency.

Download Technical Specification (.pdf)

Energy Efficiency BLUE

Water production capacity of 100,000 LPD


Temp RH 50% RH 65% RH 80%
10*C 0.19 0.15
20*C 0.19 0.15 0.12
30*C 0.19 0.13 0.10

Tech Specs BLUE

Climate Condition 20*C / RH 65%
Water Production, ‘000 LPD 30 60 100 200
Number of A1-modules 9 18 30 59
B-module type BB30 BB60 BB100 BB200
Electric power A, kW 50.8 101.6 169.4 347.6
Electric power B, kW 100.0 200.0 333.3 666.7
Electric power Total, kW 150.8 301.6 502.7 1,014.3
Ground space, m2
Weight, kg
Noise, dB

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