Drupps Concept GREEN

Drupps Concept GREEN is our product model that utilizes access to thermal energy for water production. It is developed for customers with access to waste heat energy.

Drupps Concept GREEN employs a B-module driven by thermal heat (between 70-90*C), with the A-module running on electricity. As the B-module is a major energy consumer in the system total, GREEN will greatly reduce the energy cost for production of clean drinking water. The B-module is developed and manufactured by well-known European brands in the water industry, giving you product quality that you can rely on.

GREEN has a wide production capacity range and is suitable for small to large water users, from 2,000 to 200,000 LPD. Typical customer groups include processing industries and petro refineries.

With a wide operating range of temperature 0-40 *C and relative humidity of RH 30 – 100%, GREEN is able to operate extremely cost-efficiently all over the world.

Download Technical Specification (.pdf)

Energy Efficiency GREEN

Water production capacity of 100,000 LPD

Electricity Effciency, kWh/L

Temp RH 50% RH 65% RH 80%
10*C 0.040 0.054
20*C 0.040 0.049 0.043
30*C 0.040 0.055 0.025


Thermal Energy Efficiency, kWh/L

Temp RH 50% RH 65% RH 80%
10*C 0.70 0.70
20*C 0.70 0.70 0.70
30*C 0.70 0.70 0.70

Tech Specs GREEN

Climate Condition 20*C / RH 65%
Water Production, ‘000 LPD 30 60 100 200
Number of A1-modules 9 18 30 59
B-module type BG30 BG60 BG100 BG200
Electric power A, kW 50.8 101.6 169.4 347.6
Electric power B, kW 10.0 20.0 33.3 66.7
Electric power Total, kW 60.8 121.6 202.7 414.3
Thermal power (70-90*C), kW 875 1,750 2,917 5,833
Ground space, m2
Weight (kg)
Noise (dB)


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