New model for clean and sustainable water

Water scarcity is building up all over the world, forcing us to think about water in new ways. We need to use less, recycle more, and find new sources. The atmosphere is such a source and Drupps is focused on bringing it to you.

Drupps offers everyone to set up their new, sustainable water production without creating negative eco system ripple effects. For every water drop removed from the atmosphere, nature immediately puts one back with the use of sunlight, wind and natural evaporation.

Technological leap made by Drupps

For a long time, lack of technological development prevented atmospheric water from fulfilling its potential as a major water provider for people. Common cooling of air is simply not good enough to create low-cost water outside the tropics.

Drupps has developed technology for production of low-cost water from the atmosphere in climate conditions previously unreachable, including dry inland regions. This has enabled us to target markets never before targeted by airwater suppliers.

We help you secure sustainable water

You are a Drupps customer in need of clean and sustainable drinking-quality water. You take responsibility seriously and you want to secure water supply for the coming decade.

You have been looking for sustainable water but did not know you were looking for us. Drupps is atmospheric water. Over the coming decade, Drupps will transform the way the world think about atmosphere as a source for new water.




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