Secure new drinking water for water-stressed bottling sites

We offer breweries and bottlers secure new permanent supply of sustainable and clean drinking water

Access to enough clean and healthy drinking water is a necessity for all bottling operations to operate at full speed.

We help our customers supply themselves with new clean drinking water when local sources are not enough, or inaccessible.

“Our” water is locally produced from a 100% sustainable source – the atmosphere. We help you cut water transports, emissions and eco pressure.

Atmospheric water is not only a great idea for its non-existing footprint – it enables you to increase production where you would otherwise not.


In Summary

We provide you with limitless drinking water from a source you may have never thought of
  • Clean and safe drinking water
  • Production of up to 700 m3/day and more
  • Energy requirement 150 kWh/m3
  • If residual heat available only 50 kWh/m3
  • 100% sustainable water source
  • 100% locally produced drinking water
  • Does not affect local water sources
  • Works in tough climate conditions
  • No or few regulatory requirements
  • Patented technology
  • Developed and produced in Sweden
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