Produce your own clean drinking water on site

Clean drinking water is an absolute basic necessity to run food and beverage production all over the world. Water may be a minor cost driver on the bottom line, but without good access to water the entire operation can be at risk.

We help food and beverage industries worldwide secure their supply of clean, sustainable and reliable access to clean drinking water by helping them set up their own production of clean water – by using the air above the plant.

It makes strategic sense

Your water supply situation can vary depending on the actual local situation. But the world is changing and industry actors need to think about how they secure good access to clean and sustainable water in the coming decades.

Are environmental regulations on the political horizon preventing irresponsible water use? Will local comunities accept commercial use of water as they have in the past? Will climate change cause supply disruption?

Unique technology

This not common cooling of ambient air. This is patented LiquiDes technology, the next generation in atmospheric water production. It works efficiently in cold, dry, warm or humid climates and maintains high production efficiency throughout the year.

Download 2-page Summary Food&Bev (.pdf)

In Summary

Strategic and sustainable water security for Food & Beverage
  • Clean and safe drinking water
  • Production of up to 700 m3/day and more
  • Energy efficiency 100 kWh/m3 (if electric)
  • Energy efficiency 50 kWh/m3 (if thermal)
  • 100% sustainable water source
  • 100% locally produced drinking water
  • Does not affect local water sources
  • Works in tough climate conditions
  • No or few regulatory requirements
  • Patented technology
  • Developed and produced in Sweden
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