Turn your rooftop into a water producer 

You probably already have an air conditioning system up there. Why not put a Drupps Concept water producer right next to it? Create water security by making your own drinking water. No more supply disruptions. No more plastic waste.

A sound investment

Depending on your current drinking water supply solution payback can be less than one year if bottled water is your current solution.

Drupps Concept will reduce your costs for clean drinking water, often by over 50%. You will also send a message to both guests and the public – you take clean water seriously and you are one step ahead when it comes to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Unique technology

This not common cooling of ambient air – This is patented LiquiDes technology, the next generation in atmospheric water production. It works more efficiently in cold, dry, warm or humid climates. Please compare us!

You will not find other AWG products with such a wide climate operating range as Drupps Concept. We can maintain a high production efficiency throughout the year.

Download a 2-page Hotel Case Summary (.pdf)


Limitless drinking water from a source you may have never thought of
  • Clean and safe drinking water
  • Saves money and time on water bottle purchases
  • Saves plastic waste and transport emissions
  • Payback often less than 1 year
  • Rooftop installation making 2,000 to 10,000 LPD
  • 100% sustainable water source
  • No or few regulatory requirements
  • Works in tough climate conditions
  • Ground pressure 250 kg/m2
  • Ground space approx 30 m2
  • Developed and produced in Sweden
  • Key Figures

    Drupps Concept WHITE for rooftop installations
    Size (LPD) 3,000 6,000 10,000
    Enough for (@10 L/p) 200 ppl 500 ppl 1,000 ppl
    Enough for (@20 L/p) 100 ppl 250 ppl 500 ppl
    Opex* (€/L) 0.02 0.02 0.02
    Alternative cost (€/L) 0.30 0.30 0.30
    Customer Saving (€/L) 2.80 2.80 2.80
    Total Saving (€/day) 5,600 14,000 28,000
    Payback 1.5 yrs 0.7 yrs 0.4 yrs
    Roof Space Needed 27 m2 30 m2 33 m2
    Power in 20*C/RH65% (kW) 36.5 kW 73.0 kW 126.8 kW

    * Electricity cost at @0.085 €/kWh

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