Drupps wins Green Award 2019 at the Sustainology Summit in New York City

On Nov 12, Drupps won the SACCNY Deloitte Green Award of 2019. The winner was announced at the annual Sustainology Summit in New York City held at Citibank and organized by the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce of New York.

Main topic of this year’s Sustainology Summit was “Sustainology 1 billion – Impact Unicorns in the Food Chain”.

Water is at the heart of all Food & Beverage. With the global water scarcity situation developing rapidly, water footprint and ways to mitigate effects of water scarcity is more relevant than ever for the Food & Beverage industry.

Water production from air not only reduces water footprint by easing pressure on groundwater levels, it also makes great economic sense by presenting new business opportunities for the industry. Drupps brings not one but two large-scale solutions to the table – airwater produced using either electricity or residual heat energy from industrial processes.

A starting point for the gradual shift to airwater in Food & Beverage is to cut water supply peaks during intense periods of the year such as the hot summer months. With Drupps groundwater levels are allowed to rebound faster and water quality is not compromised.

In addition to the great honor of being the winner Drupps was awarded a flex desk at SACCNY’s Gateway New York office as well as a business membership in SACCNY to help the new startup succeed on the U.S. market.

For more information please contact Jonas Wamstad at jonas.wamstad@drupps.com.

Find more info about the summit here: https://www.saccny.org/sustainology/