Drupps partners with LiquidSky for the Indian water market

Drupps has initiated a new partnership for the Indian and South Asian water markets with LiquidSky, an Ultraseal group company, dedicated to the water business.

Ultraseal India is a manufacturer and service provider to the automotive, aerospace and foundry industries in southern Asia. It has multiple partnerships with European companies, predominantly German and Swiss, and is today focused toward heavy industries. The company is headquartered in Pune, India, and has offices in 11 Indian cities and 1 in Malaysia. To this date, it has supplied over 2,000 machines in Asia.

With this Drupps partnership, Ultraseal is now shifting toward the water markets of south Asia which are anticipating significant growth.

“We are really excited about this new partnership with Drupps. We think there is great potential for Drupps’ innovative water supply systems in India and greater Asia”, says mr Sharat Nath, CEO and founder of Ultraseal (India) & LiquidSky.

“Being a massive country with massive challenges in the water sector, India is obviously a great target for Drupps. We believe Drupps can help all of India, not only the coastlands, turn the water situation around. This partnership is a first step toward that target”, says mr Jonas Wamstad, CEO and Co-Founder of Drupps.

More info about Ultraseal India can be found here, www.ultrasealindia.com.