Drupps recruits new CEO

Drupps is making fast progress and is now leaving an intensive technology and product development phase behind while entering a sales growth phase. Requests for more information about Drupps Concept is pouring in from all continents and growing every week. There seems to be enormous demand for new, decentralized and sustainable water sources globally. Airwater is such a source, and with Drupps Concept, this demand can be met with a great solution.

In order to adapt the company to this new phase, Drupps has recruited Peter Silfwerbrand as its new CEO. Mr Silfwerbrand will also be heading the sales division.

Mr Silfwerbrand has vast experience of working in international companies both with marketing, production and general management. The last 12 years he has been with ThermoFisher in the field of medical and diagnostic devices and before that technical appliances. He has a long and proven track record from various leading positions in global med tech and technology companies.

“I am really excited for this opportunity, to lead the transformation of Drupps into a globally recognized leader in such an important field as drinking water”, says mr Silfwerbrand. “Everyone knows by now there is a serious water situation developing in the world, and that we need some serious new innovative solutions. Drupps is such a solution. It will take a lot of work to turn people’s attention around, but we are going to do it stepwise and I believe we can get there.”

Former CEO and co-founder Jonas Wamstad will remain in the organization as Head of Marketing.

“This switch comes with perfect timing”, says mr Wamstad. “We have come a long way in short time. Now we are moving into the heavy-growth years and we need to adapt the organization quickly to keep momentum. I am confident Peter will lead Drupps to where we want to be, in the front-seat setting the standard for sustainable new drinking water globally. And for me personally, this will create more space to remain creative in ways the CEO role does not always allow. We still have some great non-realized developments up our sleeves.”

For more information, please contact Peter Silfwerbrand at +46-70-652-3553 or email peter.silfwerbrand@drupps.com.