Who is Drupps?

We want to lead the atmospheric water revolution

Drupps is a Swedish developer and provider of clean and safe drinking water solutions focusing on creating cost efficient access to the water in Earth’s atmosphere.

We partner in sales, marketing, distribution, installation, service and maintenance. If you are well-connected to your local water market, we want to work with you.

Drupps was created in 2017 as a spinoff from Airwatergreen, a pioneer in humidity control technology and one of Sweden’s top 33 tech startups in 2016.

Our vision is a world where everyone has equal access to clean, sustainable water. By developing great technology, we will lead the world toward more atmospheric water.

Jonas Wamstad

CEO & Co-Founder - Executive & Sales
+46 708 671138

Fredrik Edström

COO & Co-Founder - Operations & Production
+46 702 619212

Fredrik Boström

Director of Sales - Partner Networks and Sales
+46 706 388747

Per Dahlbäck

Head of Tech Development

Fredrik Mattiasson

Tech Development

Björn Jacobson

Senior Advisor - Business Development

Gösta Franzén

Director - Financing, Strategy

Peter Silfwerbrand

Director - Strategic Partnerships

Göran Carlson

Senior Advisor - Strategic Partnerships

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