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We are actively searching for marketing partners all over the world with strong presence in their local markets. We believe that in order to become truly global, we need to become local.

Are you active in sustainable solutions and/or in water supply solutions? Do you have a tech support organization? Please drop us a line at!

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Drupps, Europe


Drupps handles sales and tech support throughout Europe. Drupps is based in Uppsala, Sweden.

Main Sales Contact: Mr Peter Silfwerbrand

Tech Support Contact: Mr Fredrik Edström

Liquid Sky, India


Liquid Sky is an official Drupps partner in India. Liquid Sky is based in Pune, India, and has presence throughout India. Liquid Sky specializes in efficient water solutions. and licences and supports the latest technologies to build a better world.

Sales Contact: Mr Nayanit Shastri

Tech Support Contact: Mr Pranav Pillai

AquaCello, South Africa


AquaCello is an official Drupps partner in southern Africa based in Cape Town, South Africa. With a vision and passion to eliminate single use plastic, creating a world where you ‘bottle your own’ and stop purchasing costly single use plastic bottled water, Aquacello is an Importer, Distributor and full service centre for Atmospheric Water Generating technologies.

Founded in 2016 the Aquacello team have spent a number of years importing and testing various models. We offer a consultative approach in understanding your water requirements and assist you in designing the most cost effective practical solution for your home or office.

Sales Contact: Leanne Bredenkamp

Tellux, Kenya


Tellux is an official Drupps partner in eastern Africa with offices in Nairobi, Kenya.

Tellux specializes on sustainble infrastructure solutions, such as standalone power and water supply. The company is best known for its renewable energy solutions in rural off-grid regions.

Sales Contact: Anders Lindén

Sales Contact: Alf Liljehall

  • 0706-655777