Create water security by making clean drinking water on site

Reliable and adequate supply of clean drinking water on-site is a basic necessity for all kinds of human aid efforts. Without access to clean water, basically no operations can run.

We help human aid organizations bring water to wherever they operate without need for water trucking or groundwater drilling. We create access to the water in the air above you – already transported and ready-to-go.

Humidity is all around us – we turn it into clean water

You are no doubt already familiar with most water treatment tools, equipment and filters. But this is something different – we create new water right on the spot.

You will need to set up energy supply to run this system, true. But consider the alternatives – finding a reliable and accessible water source that the local community can spare for you friction-free, having tank trucks shipped in, arranging continuous water transportations on bad and sometimes dangerous roads.

Unique technology

This not common cooling of ambient air. This is patented LiquiDes technology, the next generation in atmospheric water production. It works efficiently in cold, dry, warm or humid climates and maintains high production efficiency throughout the year.

Download 2-page Summary Human Aid (.pdf)

Main Points

Create water security by making water on the spot
  • Produce clean drinking water right on site – create water security
  • Always available – use the same model for all your operations worldwide
  • No need for groundwater drilling
  • Replaces water trucking
  • Needs electricity supply
  • Works fine in tough climate conditions
  • Generates no waste or residual products
  • 100% sustainable water source
  • Key Figures

    Figured calculated on a Drupps WHITE system
    Size (LPD) 2,000 5,000 10,000
    Enough for (@10 L/p) 200 ppl 500 ppl 1,000 ppl
    Enough for (@20 L/p) 100 ppl 250 ppl 500 ppl
    Opex, kWh/L 0.25 0.25 0.25
    Total Energy Need, kWh/d 500 1,250 2,500
    Temperature Op Range 0-40*C 0-40*C 0-40*C
    Relative Humidity Op Range 20*-100% 20*-100% 20*-100%

    *Below RH 40% Drupps SAND model is applied resulting in higher energy use. Please contact us for more details.


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