Non-Coastal Water Markets

Produce new water anywhere

Forget seawater, groundwater or rivers to supply new water

At 50-100 km distance from the coast, the cost for building distribution networks exceeds that of an entire desalination plant. Desalination is not the answer for added water.

By creating new water production locally, new water can be supplied without investing in distribution networks or relying on truck deliveries.

By setting up local water production from the sky you reduce your total cost for water and increase resilience at the same time.

Many buildings or production cities in urban areas can be self-sufficient in new water production, reducing pressure on local water sources and distribution networks.

Limited Water Options for Inland Regions

60% of the world population lives farther than 100 km from nearest coast. Some areas are more water stressed than others. These people have few options for added water supply.

Desalination cannot help inland markets cost-efficiently because of the distribution difficulties. Groundwater is over-exploited or decreasing. More local solutions are needed.

Drupps offers an attractive option for creating local, small-grid and cost-efficient supply of clean and sustainable drinking water.

Atmospheric water transports itself to the user by the wind, reducing distribution costs. It is quick to setup and can be installed on any horizontal surface with free access to air. Sounds easy? It is.