Drupps Electric

An atmospheric water generation system powered by electricity that enables any water production capacity on any continent. We will design a system for you based on your requirements.

Sustainable and limitless water from air

Drupps Electric is our atmospheric water generation system powered by 100% electricity. The only limiting factor to how much water that can be sustainably produced is your access to electricity. If you choose a sustainable power source such as solar or wind, you will have 100% sustainable water. Atmospheric water allows you to take control of your own water supply without affecting others.

How it works

Drupps Electric is built using two module types that combines in various combinations to produced a certain amount of water per hour. The amount of modules installed is determined by local climate conditions and your water need. The exact water production cost depends on local climate conditions and electricity cost. As a rule-of-thumb, the operating cost is at $10-20 per m3.


Drupps Electric 100-120 m3/d



Drupps Electric 15-20 m3/d


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