Frequently asked questions

How does atmospheric water production work?

Naturally-present moisture in the atmosphere is captured and condensed into water. There are today two main ways of producing atmospheric water:

  1. Cooling of air (the traditional way, called Air Conditioning)
  2. Drupps Concept – absorption of moisture and water extraction. Learn more about how Drupps Concept works here (click the link).


What are the differences between Drupps and other manufacturers?

Competing AWG products are based on cooling of air, lowering air’s dew point to force airborne moisture to fall out as water droplets (“Dewpoint AWGs”). Air is left cold and with 100% humidity. Generally Dewpoint AWGs work less efficient in dry or cold climates. They are also struggling with water quality since the produced water is not distilled.

Drupps Concept uses a liquid hygroscopic material (called “Flow”) to absorb the same airborne moisture, which is later extracted as water. Flow’s hygroscopicity can easily be altered by changing its concentration level. This way, Drupps can operate efficiently in tough climate conditions.

What is the lifetime of a Drupps installation?

At least 20 years. With regular service and maintenance, life expectancy can be extended further.

Is it safe to drink Drupps water?

Absolutely. Drupps water is free of any contaminants whatsoever. Drupps has an active installation running at its headquarters in Uppsala, Sweden, and its produced water is registered and approved by Swedish authorities as drinking water.

What is the pH of Drupps water?

Since Drupps water is distilled and free of anything but H2O, pH cannot be measured. However, as an addon option we offer an endstep buffering unit that will stabilize pH at 7.0 by adding bicarbonate (HCO3).

Is the water mineralized? Can I get it carbonated?

Drupps water is not mineralized. However, as an addon option we offer mineralization with Magnesium and Calcium.

How about maintenance schedule? Are there any special requirements or instructions?

Maintenance on air filters will need to be performed regularly, with frequency depending on local air quality. General maintenance on the machine is performed annually.

How do I maintain my equipment once it’s bought?

If you choose to enter Drupps’ Customer Care program, you will be able to monitor your equipment’s performance and get software updates when necessary. You can also freely choose to perform annual maintenance yourself.

Will I get a wear part list?


How much downtime for maintenance?

Less than 24 hours.

Do you have wear parts on stock?


Can it be placed outdoors?

Yes. The extraction unit does however have a temperature interval requirement and may need to be placed indoors if local conditions are such.

Does the system work off-grid?

As long as the system is powered it will work fine.

What alternative energy sources can I use?

Depeding on the product chosen, the system will need either electricity or thermal power at adequate quality to run. Drupps do not interfere with what energy source is used.

Do I need an operator to run it or is it automatic?

The system is automatic and does not need manual steering.