These pictures show a full-size Drupps Concept installation with a water production capacity of approximately 3,000 LPD. The installation is located at Drupps headquarter offices in Uppsala, Sweden. This installation is the world’s first Drupps Concept installation.

The purpose of the installation is to collect runtime data, to function as a live reference installation and for client demonstrations. It is running 24 hours per day except downtime for software updates and re-configuration. The installation was started on 25 May 2019.

Drupps Concept Reference installation

Location: Uppsala, Sweden / Capacity: appr. 3,000 LPD

1. Overview installation, 2 A-modules, B-module, Purification step

2. Absorption module, inlet side

3. A-module, outlet side

4. Purification step with tap / Cleanwater tank / B-module / A-module, inlet side

5. Buffer tanks

6. B-module, inside (boiler tank)

7. Master control / B-module, back