Visit to Drupps by Kenya ambassador Dr Joe Sang

On Apr 8, Drupps had the great pleasure of receiving Kenya’s Ambassador to the Nordic countries Dr. Joe Sang and Deputy Governor of Kericho County Susan Kikwai to discuss Drupps Concept and new tools for creating sustainable water in Kenya for both urban and rural communities.

Kenya is actively searching for innovative technologies to help Kenya build a sustainable future. Water is obviously a key component in that future. The Nordic countries has traditionally been a good place to look for innovative green technologies, and as one of Sweden’s top greentech startup companies, the visit to Drupps in Uppsala was logic.

Drupps presented its vision of sustainable cities in 2030 where real estate developers and owners take a bigger share of the responsibility for water infrastructure in the community by installing water producers on rooftops providing the entire building with clean drinking water. The water produced on the rooftops is stored in water tanks and is distributed throughout the building via a tap water network with the help of gravity.

This way, water sourcing will shift toward new sustainable sources instead of being sourced from the ground or rivers. In addition, less municipal investment will be needed for drinking water piping below the streets. Instead, this money could be shifted toward recycling of used water.

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