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Drupps Concept technology captures moisture from ambient air by using a liquid hygroscopic material with an ability to "snatch" the water molecule from the air. This method is more powerful than traditional cooling technologies.

Drupps absorbs moisture

Drupps Concept absorbs moisture by using a hygroscopic liquid called “Flow”. The ambient air stripped of moisture and effectively dried. Water is extracted from Flow by evaporation and condensing.

Competitors cools air

Cooling of air lowers air’s dew point which forces airborne water droplets to be squeezed out of air as water. This process is called “air conditioning” and generates heat. This forces the machine to continuously push down temperature to maintain a low temperature.

Drupps main benefits

In stark contrast to cooling methods, Drupps can maintain high efficiency in dry or cold climates where there is less moisture. When climate conditions turn tough, Drupps is able to change Flow concentration in order to maintain a high “stickyness” to moisture.

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