We have updated our cutting-edge water production portfolio

We have simplified our product offerings down to only two products – Drupps ELECTRIC and Drupps THERMAL.

Their main difference is, not surprisingly, power supply. While Drupps ELECTRIC is 100% electricity-powered, Drupps THERMAL is a hybrid option enabling atmospheric water generation using both electricity and waste heat energy down to as low temperature as 60*C.

Both are based on Drupps’s powerful and patented Drupps Concept technology, using liquid desiccants and state-of-the-art evaporators, that allows efficient water production in both humid coastal areas and dry inland regions.These can be arranged in multiple combinations to reach any required water production capacity.

With waste heat priced at near-zero, in combination with a favourable climate condition Drupps THERMAL can reach a water production cost of as low as $5-10 per m3.

Main benefits

  • Water is distilled and free of pollutants or chemicals
  • Water is produced on-site
  • Unlimited water supply
  • Your water footprint is zero
  • Sustainable water source

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