Our vision: A world where everyone has access to freshwater

Produce freshwater from the sky - in all climates

Clean and sustainable freshwater - anywhere, anytime, at a cost everyone can afford

Produce freshwater anywhere – on city rooftops, in the desert, in the mountains, offshore platforms, or on sea vessels. The possibilities are endless. Just add power.

A world where water scarcity is a problem of the past, is our vision. We want to help create a sustainable society by reducing pollution of plastic bottles, over-exploitation of groundwater resources, or brine in the ocean.

Localized freshwater production is the future

We turn a rooftop, offshore platform or any free space into a freshwater source. Less need for vast freshwater distribution networks. Increase your water security by producing drinking water locally.

Atmospheric freshwater is 100% sustainable. Every drop is returned to the atmosphere by sunlight. Less water transportation by trucks, and less plastic ending up in our oceans.

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