Our vision: A world where everyone has access to freshwater

Be a producer of your own freshwater

Freshwater security that is 100% sustainable and scalable to any size

Drupps offers the possibility to produce clean freshwater anywhere – at any time, in any climate – at a cost that is comparable with other artificial freshwater alternatives, for example desalination or bottled water.

A world where water scarcity is a problem of the past, is our vision. We want to help create a sustainable and healthy society while contributing to growth.


Desalination without seawater

Think desalination, but without the seawater. Drupps enables affordable freshwater production without need for seawater. This enables a lot of places to start producing more freshwater.

Smaller and more local

Multiple, smaller freshwater production facilities spread throughout the region. Instead of one huge desalination facility by the sea.

We bring localness into the picture. With a spread-out freshwater production to where the users are, there is less need for water distribution.

For everyone

Both private and public entities can be producers of freshwater. The ability to create limitless freshwater anywhere makes everyone a potential freshwater producer.

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