Our vision: A world where everyone has access to fresh water

Produce freshwater from the sky - in all climates

Clean freshwater anywhere, anytime - at a cost everyone can afford

Drupps offers freshwater from the sky industrial scale. It is clean, low-cost and works everywhere – in non-coastal regions, offshore, in deserts or mountains. Its modular build can be scaled to any capacity or adapted to any climate.

Our vision is a world where water scarcity is a problem of the past. Where cities produce their own freshwater on their rooftops. We help create a sustainable society by replacing bottled water and ease over-exploitation of other water sources.

Sustainable society without waterbottle pollution or over-exploitation of other water sources

We turn a building’s rooftop into a freshwater source. No need for citywide water networks. Increase water security by producing drinking water locally.

Atmospheric freshwater is 100% sustainable. Every drop used is returned to the atmosphere by sunlight. Less bottle transportations, less plastic ending up in our oceans.

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Road to X-prize

A quest toward winning the world's most prestigious tech competition - Water Abundance XPRIZE

We are currently looking for partners interested in joining us on our quest toward winning Water Abundance Xprize. We have the technology, the wiz and a vision. You have key expertise in certain areas. Let’s show the world what we can do!

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