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Drupps BLUE

A complete freshwater production system

Drupps BLUE is based on a modular product concept that lets you adapt to any location or climate, and design any desired production capacity.

Production capacity starts at 30,000 LPD, and is probably too large for private consumption. But it is perfect for businesses, real estate developers or local communities.

Features and Benefits

  • High freshwater security
  • Sustainable production with no footprint
  • Adaptable to any location or climate
  • Scalable to any desired production capacity
  • Low capital expenditure per production capacity
  • No need for large distribution networks
  • Can use low-value locations
  • Add or remove capacity at any time

Technical Specification

Operating Temperature: -10*C to +50*C

Operating Humidity: RH 40-100%

Production Capacity: Starts at 30,000 LPD

Distribution Cost: $0

Environmental Cost: $0

Total Water Cost: $8-20 per m3*

Fresh water quality: WHO standard

*Depending on local electricity price and climate conditions

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