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Decentralized and sustainable water production

Unseen configuration flexibility - the sky is the limit

A modular product concept based on two module types that work together and builds on what is state-of-the-art energy efficiency developed by the water industry.

Drupps patented solutions enable decentralized supply of clean water regardless of geographical location or climate. In urban areas as well as in rural off-network locations.

Choose Drupps for your Water

  • 100% sustainable water source
  • Decentralized water supply – be unaffected by local water shortages
  • Eco-friendly – no brine or salt deposits
  • Clean – no pollutants, heavy metals or chemicals
  • Quick setup – limited regulatory constraints
  • Limitless supply – the sky is the limit
  • Steady production all year – even when cold or dry
  • Full water production during winter months
  • Superior cost and energy-efficiency to compressor-based airwater generators (AWGs)
  • Developed and made in the EU

    The Drupps Concept

    Drupps presents a two-module product concept for creating limitless and steady water production regardless of the user’s location. The modules are arranged in a combination that adapts to local climate conditions and the user’s desired water supply size.

    How to design an installation?

    1. Decide size of water supply needed
    2. Study your local climate chart
    3. Decide what energy source you want to use – electricity or thermal power
    4. Decide how much space is available for the installation
    5. Build the installation

    Main Energy Electricity Thermal Power Electricity
    Capacity kLPD 5-40 20-120 100-300
    Temperature Range -10C to +40C -10C to +40C -10C to +40C
    RH Range 50-100% 50-100% 50-100%

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