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Two-Module Solution for Large-Scale Water Production

Unseen configuration flexibility

Based on a modular product concept that enables adaptation to any climate, geographical location or desired production capacity.

We enable you to set up production of drinking water anywhere. On urban rooftops as well as in rural off-grid locations.

The humidity content of the air will decide the physical size of the installation. You decide the size of the actual production.

Add another eco-friendly production tool to your existing water production toolbox. Add drinking water security and sustainability.


Features and Benefits

  • Control your own water source
  • Sustainable and eco-neutral water
  • High water quality
  • Limitless production capacity
  • Low water production costs
  • Easy operation
  • Low maintenance and service need


How does it work?

Drupps WHITE includes two module types, one humidity absorbing module (A), and one water producing unit (B).

This concept creates a huge flexibility for the user, allowing multiple combinations of the modules to adapt to any desired water production size or local climate.

Drupps WHITE


Water Production Capacity 17 m3/day 67 m3/day
Water Quality WHO standard WHO standard
Operating Temperature 5*C to 50*C 5*C to 50*C
Operating Humidity RH 50-100% RH 50-100%
B-module Type B17-HP1000DE B67-HP4000DE

Download Two-Pager on Drupps WHITE

Climate Example

Local climate conditions affect how many A-modules are needed for each specific production capacity. For a precise estimate, please contact us.


In 25*C / RH 70% WHITE-17 WHITE-67
Total A80 units 4 15
Power A-modules 26.4 kW 99.0 kW
Power B-modules 110.0 kW 418.0 kW
Total Power 136.4 kW 517.0 kW
Ground Space A-modules* 30 m2 119 m2
Ground Space B-modules* 19 m2 44 m2
*If arranged in two-storage blocks


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