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Powerful and efficient airwater production

Adapt any water production capacity to any climate condition

A modular product concept based on two module types that work together combining Drupps’ cutting-edge and patented humidity absorption technology with state-of-the-art technology developed by the water industry.

Drupps provides a modular approach that gives you a unique water producer, suited to your location and your desired water supply. Ready to install anywhere. The only limiting factor is available energy supply.

The Drupps Concept

Drupps presents a patented two-module product concept for creating limitless and steady production of clean water from the sky regardless of local climate conditions or energy supply type.

The modules, a humidity absorber (A-module) and a water evaporator (B-module), combines in various combinations to fit dry, humid, cold or warm climate conditions. Just add power.


  • Superior energy efficiency
  • Water production cost at €15 per m3
  • Water production cost at €7 per m3 if residual heat is available
  • Produce in tough climate conditions – even down to freezing degrees

Superior Energy Efficiency

Electricity kWh per m3 of clean water
Temp / RH Drupps BLUE Drupps GREEN* Drupps WHITE
25*C / RH 70% 105 45 270
15*C / RH 70% 120 60 300
5*C / RH 70% 165 110 335

*Heat usage efficiency 422 kWh per m3 of water.

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