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A Two-Module System for Limitless Capacity Anywhere

Unseen configuration flexibility

Based on a modular product concept that enables adaptation to any climate, geographical location or desired production capacity.

We enable you to set up production of drinking water anywhere. On urban rooftops as well as in rural off-grid locations.

The humidity content of the air will decide the physical size of the installation. You decide the size of the actual production.

Add another eco-friendly production tool to your existing water production toolbox. Add drinking water security and sustainability.


Features and Benefits

  • You are in control – high drinking water security
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly water source
  • Absolutely clean distilled water
  • Limitless production capacity
  • Low water production costs
  • Low water distribution costs
  • Enables on-site and local water production
  • Easy maintenance and low service need

Technical Specification and Timeline

A full technical specification is projected to be available in April 2018. Please sign up for our newsletter if you are interested in receiving updates.

General Technical Specifications

  • Operating Temperature: -10*C to +50*C
  • Operating Humidity: RH 50% to 100%
  • Water Quality: WHO standard
  • Smallest installation size: 10 m3 per day
  • Physical Appearance: 20-ft standard container
  • Power Supply: Electricity


Drupps offers demonstrational visits for vip customers and partners beginning in May 2018.

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