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Based on the Drupps Concept

Do it your way - customized by modules

The Drupps Concept - Unseen configuration flexibility

A modular product concept based on two module types that work together and combines Drupps’ cutting-edge humidity absorption technology and state-of-the-art technology developed by the water industry.

We provide a modular concept that gives you a unique water producer, suited to your location, your energy supply and your desired water supply. Still managing at its highest level. So go ahead and design your own.

The Drupps Concept

Drupps presents a two-module product concept for creating limitless and steady water production regardless of the user’s location. The modules, a humidity absorber (A-module) and a water distiller (B-module), are arranged in a combination that adapts to your local climate conditions and your desired water supply.

How to design an installation?

  1. You tell us your desired water supply size
  2. We look at your local climate data
  3. You decide what energy source you want to use – electricity or thermal power
  4. We design an installation that fits your needs – with a quote

Solution Overview

Drupps offers three product lines. They differ from each other technologically under the hood as they are based on three separate technologies. Pick your choice. And don’t worry, we’ll help you pick all the right pieces later.


Main Energy Electricity Thermal Power Electricity
Capacity kLPD 5-40 20-120 100-300
Temperature Range -10C to +40C -10C to +40C -10C to +40C
RH Range 50-100% 50-100% 50-100%

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