Our Solutions

Modular Solution for Big-Scale Water

Unseen configuration flexibility

A modular product concept based on two module types that work together and builds on what is state-of-the-art energy efficiency developed by the water industry.

Drupps solutions enable specific production capacity in a specific climate or geographical location. In urban areas as well as in rural off-network locations. Let your imagination run wild.


The Drupps Concept

Drupps presents a two-module product concept for building specific and limitless water production capacity in specific climates. The first module type, A is a humidity absorbing unit. The second module type, B, is a water producing unit.

This concept creates huge flexibility for the user, allowing multiple combinations of the modules to adapt a specific water production size to local climate conditions.

How to tailor-make an installation?

  1. Choose water production size
  2. Study your local climate chart
  3. Connect the number of A-modules that will supply the installation with corresponding amount of humidity

Why Drupps?

Our Unique Selling Points
  • Big Water Production
  • Works in cold or dry climate
  • Full water production during winter months
  • Superior energy-efficiency compared to other air-water generators (AWGs)
  • Developed and made in EU
  • 100% sustainable water source
  • No brine or salt deposits
  • Clean and safe water
  • Free from pollutants and heavy metals
  • Quick setup
  • Limited regulatory constraints

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