By 2025, half of the world’s population will be experiencing water scarcity when water supply cannot meet demand. People and companies alike will have to turn to new solutions to secure their water. Lucky for them, water is all around us in the atmosphere, it’s just a question of being able to extract it efficiently. Secure your water supply today with Drupps and be ready for the future.

Our products

Drupps is all about water. We started out with a vision in 2009 that there needs to be no water scarcity if the world just tapped more water from the atmosphere. Now we are making this vision come true.

We help you tap the atmosphere

Drupps offers efficient atmospheric water generation that works almost anywhere on this planet. Based on a modular-build approach we call ‘Drupps Concept’ we help you design an installation that fits your water requirement and climate conditions. The water is present, sustainable and perfectly clean. With Drupps you will be safe when the next drought hits.

Gradually prepare for 2025

The transfer to atmospheric water does not need to happen overnight. You may adapt gradually and add Drupps atmospheric water power as your need of produced water increases. By doing so you’ll be ready to face the new conditions by 2025.

Shared responsibility for water

To help fight water scarcity, we believe commercial entities need to reduce reliance on groundwater and surface water, and instead produce more water from the atmosphere. This way urban centres and the economy can continue growing without risking water scarcity.

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about drupps

Drupps is a Swedish airwater innovation company providing tailor-made solutions for industrial-scale water production from ambient air or steam outlets. We help customers reduce water footprint and dependence on groundwater by turning airborne humidity into clean drinking water at very low running cost.

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