Sustainable water from a never-ending resource

Drink sustainably, produce locally

Drupps is a Swedish developer and provider of clean and safe drinking water solutions focusing on creating cost efficient access to the water in Earth’s atmosphere.

Our offer is simple – with our unique and patented technology, air turns into clean drinking water wherever you are in the world. At any time.

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100% sustainable water

Water from air is 100% sustainable. The water source is immediately replenished by wind and sunlight. It creates no brine or mountains of salt to be disposed. The only by product is dry air.

Water from air needs no pipelines or transports but carries itself to where you are. With Drupps, you create truly local and sustainable water production that will never dry out.

100% water security

Water from air is a long-term secure source for water, meaning you are not affected by sinking groundwater levels, drying-up rivers or polluted soil.

Air is available for everyone everywhere and is therefore a very equal water source. Drupps make it accessible. When everyone is making their own water straight from the air, the risk of water right conflict is simply not there anymore.

Healthier water

Water from air contains no soil pollutants such as heavy metals or other toxins. It contains no hormone residues from poor treatment of water.

Drupps provides clean water from air that is boiled and distilled, effectively killing all bacteria, parasites and other organisms. It is free of salts and other minerals too, which makes it tasteless and easy to work with.

Empowering water

In many places, water from air will save communities lots of time on fetching water. Time that instead can be spent on work or pursuing an education to get better-paid jobs and create better quality of life.

It is also empowering women and girls as water fetching is a task often laid them. It increases their personal security not having to walk long distances to fetch water.

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